FRI-EL Biogas Holding S.r.l. sold to a subsidiary of ENI S.p.A.



Bolzano - June 2021 - For years, an important field of activity of the FRI-EL Group was the development, construction, operation and management of biogas plants. A total of 25 biogas power plants (2 outside the Fri-El Green Power perimeter), with a total capacity of about 24.50 MW, have been built or purchased. From the very beginning, the Biogas Division was managed and administered through the subsidiary FRI-EL Biogas Holding S.r.l.. This subsidiary of FRI-EL was thus the market leader in Italy in the production of biogas from agricultural origin and has now, after successful negotiations, been sold to Ecofuel S.p.A., a subsidiary of ENI S.p.A.. However, FRI-EL Group continues to operate 4 plants in Italy.