Solid Biomass


The FRI-EL Group is engaged in the generation of electrical energy from both liquid and solid biomass.

Electrical energy from biomass is generated by the combustion of biomass and the use of the energy which is released during this process. Biomass can be either liquid or solid. It is an eco-sustainable technology, because it is neutral in terms of emission balance. In fact, the CO2 resulting from combustion is balanced by the O2 given off by the energy crops through photosynthesis.

The FRI-EL Group operates one solid biomass (wood) plant with an installed capacity of approximately 19 MW in the province of Enna in Sicily.

A solid biomass power plant uses the steam generated during the combustion process to generate electrical energy.
Wood is processed into chips and transported into the fluidized bed boiler via a conveyer belt. Fluidized Bed Combustion (FBC) consists of a heated bed of sand-like material, suspended on upward-blowing jets of air. In addition to ensuring a more efficient combustion, this technology also provides greater flexibility and a considerable reduction of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides emissions.

Our plants

SPER S.P.A., Enna (EN)

41.831 FAMILIES*



* Average number of supplied families (average need of 2,700 kWh / year pro family calculated per MWh)


  • The foreign energy dependence is reduced.

  • The energy production from biomass has a minimum environmental impact, thanks to the emissions balance.

  • This form of energy production enables the agricultural use of land that would otherwise be unused.

  • The use of biomass from short-chain supply promotes local economies and generates employment.